Announcing the Communications Ad Hoc Committee

OIAA’s Board approved the Communications Ad Hoc Committee in February 2023. Its purpose is simple. The communications committee will help maintain consistency in the style and format of OIAA documents and continuity of the message in translation to other languages.

The Communications Ad Hoc Committee’s services will help to increase group participation in OIAA’s voting membership. OIAA needs a strong foundation for language translation services in order to invite all groups in its database to participate in its assemblies.

OIAA does not yet know the full list of languages it needs to use in order to communicate to all groups in its database. That will be discovered when the meeting directory redesign is completed. In the meantime, the Communications Ad Hoc Committee will begin to develop standardized templates and engage members who are bilingual in a variety of languages.

This committee will also begin to work on educational and informational videos. To begin the work, the committee will start creating the videos in English. They will gather translators to assist in using words that easily and directly transfer from one language to another without loss of meaning. The translators will begin building a glossary of standard AA terms so that there will be continuity when members of the committee rotate.

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