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OIAA Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda – October 11, 2022

OIAA Board of Trustees Meeting

Agenda – October 11, 2022

Gwen M – Chairperson
Barry M – Secretary
Brian R– Treasurer
Jeff B – Alternate Secretary
Jane G – Vice Chairperson
Mark M – Technology Chair
Mary M – Steppers Chair
Gary W – Steppers Alternate
Jan BB – PAC Chair
Spencer W – Finance Chair
Jon H – PI/CPC Chair
Paula D – PI/CPC Alternate Chair
DC Dave – Unity Chair
Dave W – Unity Alternate


  • Serenity Prayer:
  • Call to Order: Jane
    • Approval of the minutes:
    • Chair’s Report: Jane
    • Old business:
      • Recruitment:
  • Secretary’s Report:  Barry / Jeff
  • Steppers: Mary / Gary
  • PAC: Jan
  • PI/CPC* (*Combined temporarily as CPC gets up and running) Jon H.  Jon please introduce Paula D to the Board and others in attendance.  Thanks!
  • Unity: DC Dave
  • Technology Report:  Mark
  • Finance: Spencer
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Brian
  • New Business:
    • Grapevine, La Vina and Magazine Working Group: Jeff
    • Guidelines Adhoc:  Jane
      • Committee requests direction from Board regarding length of terms of office for this first set of officers so all don’t rotate out at the same time.
      • Establish time frame for annual regular elections
      • Historian/Archivist role
    • Languages/Translations Adhoc:  Jane
    • Other new business?
  • Closing – Declaration of Unity:

This we owe to A.A.’s future:  To place our common welfare first; To keep our fellowship united.  For on A.A. unity depend our lives; And the lives of those to come.

Please join us:

Board: Mark your calendars for the next meeting on November 8, 2022 @ 5:00 EST

Committee Chairs:  Mark your calendars and please join us on December 13, 2022 @ 5:00 EST

Supporting docs received in advance:

OIAA FC Minutes

Unity Committee Monthly Report

Steppers Report

09 30 2022 PI-CPC Monthly Report

Grapevine Working Group Flyer

Tech Committee Board Report